Our Services


Geriatric Medical Services takes a personalized, holistic approach to the family member we care for. Our approach is all about understanding who each patient is, and what their needs, abilities, and environment are. Through the Needs Assessment conducted by Dr. Korff, we develop a plan that is both behavioral and psycho-pharmacological. This plan is then implemented through our medical, home care management and social work services.

What We Do

Geriatric Medical Services offers part or total management of the medical and care needs of the elder person, geriatric or dementia patient.

  • We make it possible for the individual to live in their home environment and receive the best, state-of-the-art care under the best conditions for as long as possible.
  • We practice geriatric care management from a medical perspective: through close monitoring of the patient’s health, we offer preventive care and can proactively treat health problems — at home — before they lead to hospitalization.
  • We take a personalized approach with behavioral stresses on both the elder person and family members, helping to ease problems and helping the person live life to their full capabilities.
  • Although we are based in New York City, we also manage the care of patients across the country, by developing an individual program for each patient that we implement through local health care professionals.
  • We also take care of people who have no family living nearby, acting as their surrogate family and attending to their medical, home care, and social needs.
  • We provide consultation, anywhere from a single, focused, one-hour meeting to a totally involved in-depth evaluation and problem-solving meeting, which spans medical, legal and social services.

Support We Provide

Geriatric Medical Services also provides:

  • Initial Consultation for Needs Assessment: The patient and family’s situation undergoes careful evaluation to determine actual, specific needs. A comprehensive treatment, support and implementation plan is then provided to the family.
  • Counseling: Due to the enormous stress associated with caring for a dementia patient or elderly person, family members and caregivers can take advantage of GMS counseling services. These sessions can be arranged according to the needs of the individual and family.
  • Education: GMS professionals can provide insight into the illness as well as information pertaining to current medical care and research developments. Whether it is a chronic condition (such as dementia) or a procedure (such as a hip replacement) we work closely with the patient, the family and the caregiver so that they are well-informed partners at every step.

Medical Services

GMS is based on a team approach between the GMS physician and thepatient, the GMS physician and the patient’s personal physician, and the GMS physician with the patient’s family — we all work together as partners.

A GMS physician will:

  • Provide an evaluation and treatment plan to address the present needs of the patient, as well as seeking to anticipate and avoid future medical and health risks.
  • Consult with and refer to outside physicians who are experts in their respective specialties to seek additional opinions, insights and alternatives.
  • Coordinate the patient’s ongoing medical care with his or her personal physician. Serve as the patient’s medical advocate.
  • Provide clear, non-technical evaluations of medical alternatives to family members.
  • Arrange for home visits by a physician and/or a registered nurse.
  • Alert the family to significant changes in the individual’s physical or mental status.
  • Be accessible by telephone to caregiver and family.

Home Care Management

Our home care management services are based on ending the disruption of daily life for the family and ensuring personalized, quality care to promote the enjoyment and normalization of life for patient.

We will:

  • Supervise the total home care requirements of the individual and the implementation of the treatment plan.
  • Provide supervision on a daily, weekly or monthly basis, depending on the requirements of the patient.
  • Train home staff, caregiver or family member to better care for the patient.
  • Supply able and experienced companions to assist the individual with his or her activities of daily living and medication administration and to help to alert the family and physician of any changes in the patient’s physical or mental condition.

Social Services

Geriatric Medical Services understands and is connected to many programs that help ease the strain of caring for the elderly. We can help you access available services, both government and private, as well as financial safety nets for the individual’s family, including:

  • Medicare
  • Medicaid qualifying and expediting
  • Legal and accounting referrals
  • Supplemental and Medigap insurance
  • Adult day care and socialization programs
  • Transportation Alternate housing
  • Nursing home placement